Mission Statement

ACEC Florida Emerging Leaders Board creates a path to executive leadership for industry professionals committed to providing fresh perspectives, continued learning, and professional development through social, educational, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Emerging Leaders Board (ELB) Members will help the ACEC Florida Board of Directors execute ACEC Florida’s Vision and Mission as defined in the strategic plan.
  • ELB Members will:
    • Grow diversity within ACEC Florida and actively strive for inclusion of all member firms and their employees.
    • Promote the engineering industry among higher education and high school students, to increase awareness and to communicate opportunities related to the industry.
    • Select a strategic initiative each year in line with the ELB plan, define it, and work toward it, approved by the ACEC Florida Board of Directors.
    • Select a community service initiative each year and work toward it with ACEC Florida.
    • Attend all called meetings to discuss engagement, improvements, and new ideas for ACEC Florida.
    • Participate in ACEC Florida committees, events, and volunteer
    • Represent ACEC Florida as Board Members conduct their daily business and encourage membership and participation to business associates in the
  • Input and New Perspectives
  • Professional Development and Growth
  • Political Advocacy
  • Raising Brand Awareness
  • Networking
  • Volunteering

Emerging Leaders Board (ELB) Members will be provided the opportunity to:

  • Grow their professional networks through participation in ELB meetings, committees, events, volunteer engagements, etc.
  • Influence the direction of ACEC Florida through feedback to the ACEC Florida Executive Board of Directors and ELB initiatives.
  • Gain greater knowledge of the industry through interaction with the day-to-day activities of ACEC Florida.
  • Expand leadership capabilities by developing and implementing ELB goals and programming.

Quarterly virtual meetings and two in-person meetings (Professional Engineers’ Day and FES|ACEC Florida Annual Conference) will be held, and all Emerging Leaders Board (ELB) Members are expected to attend and actively participate. The ELB President may call additional meetings. ELB Members may not miss more than two meetings a year or removal from the Board may be instituted by the ELB.

The ELB will be guided and represented by a director who will be a liaison with the ACEC Florida Board of Directors and provide continuity in leadership to the ELB.

ELB will consist of 21 Members, three each from the seven ACEC Florida Regions (Region 1: Panhandle, Region 2: North Central, Region 3: East Central, Region 4: West Central, Region 5: Treasure Coast, Region 6: Southwest Florida, and Region 7: Gold Coast). The Executive Board must consist of the following, one each from the seven regions:

  • President, one-year term.
  • President-Elect, one-year term.
  • Treasurer/PAC Director, one-year term.
  • 4 Directors, one three-year term.

For the first Board Only:

  • ELB will select one member from each region to serve a one-year term, the ELB President must be included in this group. After a one-year hiatus, these seven members can reapply to return and serve a full three-year term.
  • ELB will select one member from each region to serve a two-year term, the ELB President Elect must be included in this group. After a one-year hiatus, these seven members can reapply to return and serve a full three-year term.
  • The remaining seven members will serve their full three-year term; the Treasurer/PAC Director must be included in this group.

Following the first Board, one-third (seven) of the Board members will rotate off every year, one from each region.

The President, President-Elect, and Treasurer/PAC Director must be elected from a different region until all regions have served on the Executive Board.

It is anticipated that each region will assist in finding replacements for the ELB annually.

In addition, at the beginning of each membership year, the ELB will select a representative as a liaison to the ACEC Florida Board of Directors to attend quarterly board meetings providing feedback from the Emerging Leaders Board.

  • There must not be two people from the same firm appointed to ELB.
  • Only Florida residents from current ACEC Florida member firms will be allowed to serve on the Emerging Leaders Board.
  • The presiding Emerging Leaders Board will evaluate and select applicants for the Board. Final appointments must be approved by the ACEC Florida Board of Directors.
  • Must be an employee of an ACEC Florida member firm.
  • Must have signed agreement from firm management acknowledging the requirements and expectations of the nominee applying for the Emerging Leaders Board (see application).

Preferred Experience

  • Experience in the engineering consulting industry.
  • Career experience between 5-10 years (no age limit).

Term Limits

  • All Emerging Leader Board positions will serve a three-year term (once rolling terms are established).


Any Emerging Leaders Board Member may resign by submitting a notice of resignation to the ELB Executive Board. An ELB Member may be asked to forfeit their position if they fail to meet the expectations listed in this agreement.

ELB Members may not miss more than two consecutive meetings, or removal from the ELB may be instituted by the ELB Executive Board by a majority vote of the Executive Board.