Leading the Way in Transportation

Engineers are the invisible force driving innovation and solutions for the challenges we face in the state of Florida every day. They are planners, designers and problem solvers whose expertise improves the quality of life for us all. From the roads and bridges you drive on, the airports that fly you to your next destination and the seaports that are delivering products to your local community – engineers are behind the everyday and the extraordinary.

ACEC Florida brings together a diverse group of engineering leaders who represent, promote and advocate for transportation issues in Florida. ACEC Florida is leading the way by supporting a transportation plan that meets safety, infrastructure condition, mobility, economy and the environment goals.  Together, these goals create Florida’s transportation future.

  • Support a transportation plan that meets the following goals: safety, infrastructure condition, mobility, economy and the environment.
  • Support transportation funding.
  • Oppose any effort to transfer funds from the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) to General Revenue, or use TTF funds for any purpose unrelated to transportation.

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The Transportation Committee is the largest and most active group in ACEC Florida and is responsible for implementing transportation-related activities and programs of interest to members. The Transportation Committee maintains various subcommittees namely, Liaison, Production, DBE/SBE, CEI, Alternative Contracting, Specification Review, PD&E and Planning, Expressway, Structures with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

The Planning Committee is made up of ACEC Florida members who plan the Transportation Conference agenda and invite speakers for a program which is attended by Public and Private sector Professional Engineers, Planners, FDOT policymakers and Consultants whose practice areas involve transportation.

If you are in transportation, visit Committee Opportunities to make this committee part of your business plan.