Support the Glass Family

The Glass Family
Meridith, Miles, Owen, and Rosie

It is with a heavy heart we share that Miles Glass, husband of our beloved Director of Events Meridith Glass, passed away suddenly on August 5, 2023. Miles, 36, Meridith, and their twin 4-year-old children, Rosie and Owen, were in Panama City Beach for a weekend getaway when he suddenly collapsed on the beach.

Meridith now faces an incredibly difficult and uncertain financial situation with immediate expenses such as funeral costs, childcare expenses, mortgage payments, and all other family expenditures without the income that Miles provided. Over the last few days, she has expressed great concern over the future of her children and how she will support them in the months and years to come. Her son Owen has a special medical need which is difficult enough without the added stress of financial worries.

The FES and ACEC Florida family is stepping up. FES and ACEC Florida staff and leadership members have pledged moral and financial support to help alleviate some of the financial burdens that Meridith and her children are facing. Board leadership of both organizations established a GoFundMe account to help offset these expenses to bring Meridith some peace of mind and get her back on her feet.

Meridith has been an important member of the FES and ACEC Florida team for more than five years, and we know that supporting her is one of the best ways we can show we care. Meridith plays a vital role in the success of FES and ACEC Florida, and we hope you’ll join us in contributing to this GoFundMe.

Your contribution would go a long way in providing them with the stability and security they need right now. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.